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Portrait Process

What is a Portrait of a Nevada Learner?

A community-wide vision statement of the attributes a learner must possess to succeed both academically and in life, now and into a rapidly evolving future.

Your input is needed: Help evolve the draft Portrait

An initial draft was created in January 2023. Developing a final Portrait of a Nevada Learner is an iterative process in partnership with the Nevada community.

What Nevadans are saying

Young people need to know themselves, contribute their skills to the community, connect with others, and thrive through life's inevitable challenges.

The world is more connected than ever. Technological advancements continue to reveal uniquely human skills; the durable skills that are highly correlated with lasting success in the real world.

What does it mean to fully prepare learners to embrace the world as it is and navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead? 

Nevada Students Reading

Nevada needs the contributions of young people across all personal backgrounds and geographies. Whether they live in the heart of Clark County or on the edge of Eureka County, in suburban Washoe County or on Route 95 in Mineral County – Every young person in Nevada deserves the opportunity to build the life they choose. Every child in Nevada deserves the time and resources that make opportunity possible.

To get there, Nevadans are exploring questions to build a shared vision for student learning:

In addition to academic knowledge, what are the top mindsets and skills of the future?


What is a good life and a thriving community?

What are the values that need to drive our education system to prepare young people to live good lives and build thriving communities?

How can school help us get there?


What skills and mindsets are necessary for students to:

Draft Portrait

  • Develop a lifelong devotion to learning

  • Thrive academically and effectively apply their knowledge

  • Feel connected to their peers, teachers, and community

Process Overview

Portrait Process.png

Progress Overview


A statewide virtual conversation was held in Winter 2022 to build on public insights, reach a broader audience in every corner of the state. Additional insights continue to surface through a digital survey.

A Draft Portrait of a Nevada Learner was shared in January 2023. School teams will begin a "pilot process" to explore what it means to align their work to this shared vision of learning. 

Monthly listening conversations are held to explore  the elements of future-ready learning and how to continue evolving the Draft Portrait of a Nevada Learner.

200 Nevadans across sectors convened in Las Vegas in Fall 2023 to begin to build a common vision for the future of learning and surface the values needed for young people and communities to thrive.

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